X-plicit Disclosures



M= Mulder

S= Scully

Sk= Skinner

K= Krycek

D= Doggett

LGM= The Lone Gunman

UST= "Unresolved Sexual Tension"...Quick DUCK!!! Wild pheramones flying in all directions!

RST= "Resolved Sexual Tension"...if more elaboration is needed then you are too young to read these stories anyway!

"CHARACTER"/"CHARACTER"= If needed this will describe the character focus of a story such as "Mulder/Scully" or "Scully/Skinner", etc.

MSR= "Mulder and Scully Romance"...generally their relationship has been priviously established BEFORE the story or is well established by its end.

DSR= "Doggett and Scully Romance"...yadda yadda yadda...

"CHARACTER"/SCULLY ROMANCE: One of the advanages of being the only major female character means that Scully eventually gets some action from EVRYBODY! Examples: Sk/S (Skinner/Scully), S/K (Scully/Krycek), etc.

"CHARACTER"/OTHER= A X-Files character in a romantic or sexual relationship with someone OTHER than major characters from the show. (i.e.: Mulder/other, Scully/other)

"CHARACTER"/"CHARACTER"/"CHARACTER": If this is followed by ROMANCE, expect some 3 way action of some form.

SLASH: Red hot monkey love between members of the same sex. (i.e.: M/K slash, M/Sk slash)

D/S= "Domination and Submission". Will appear as D/s and is found only in the Erotica section.

"CHARACTER" ANGST: the story focuses or is largly influenced by the characters emotional turmoil.

V= "Violence". Many stories contain some mild violence, but if I actually label it with a "V" then beeeeeeeeeee afraid, be veeeeeeeeeery afraid!

3 POV= "Third Person Point of View". An outside party observing the direct actions of the main charaters, told in "real time".


PG RATED= Generally safe for all readers. May contain mild angst and profanity.

R RATED= May contain one or more of the folowing: References to or brief descriptions of sexual activity (teeeee heee! I sound so technical!), some profanity, mild violence, and angst.

NC17 RATED: Intended for mature readers only, these stories are generally more violent, more sexually explicit (Barm-chicka-barm-barm), and heavy with angst all centered around a casefile, X-File, or other plot.

EROTICA: Just like all lies lead to the truth, all angst leads to shagging! These stories are tasty smut bisquits either cleverly flavored with major angst or devoid of all ingedients except SEX! Here is where you may also embrace the dark side: slash, bondage, D/s, threesomes, and other more extreme possibilities.

ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: Stories which take the major charaters and place them in different states of reality, such as past lives, time travel, and paralel universes...

COLONIZATION: Stories that take place just before the start, during, or after the aliens have started to envade the planet. Generally these are "End-of-the-World" scenarios and/or tales of Armageddon.

CROSSOVER: Stories which combine the X-Files with other sources such as T.V. shows, movies, and books.

I hope this helps! I confuse myself at times...

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